A. Vogel Hay fever app

A. Vogel Hay fever app for iOS and Android

It almost certain that you have heard of A. Vogel. This Dutch self-care brand has over 140 health products. You can find the products of A. Vogel at your local supermarket or drugstore. 

In addition to their health products for the relief from Hay fever, there is now a hay fever application available! This app provides you with allergy information and weather forecasts, so that you know how to prepare yourself for the Hay fever each day. 

The old Hay fever app had to be reconstructed from the start. Nedfinity has redeveloped the app for Android and iOS.

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Shared codebase for iOS and Android

The old Hay fever app was technically outdated for both iOS and Android. With the construction of the new native iOS and Android app, we replaced the two excisting codebases for one shared Xamarin code.

This provides a range of advantages for the control of the app. Changes in the functionality of the app do not have to be written in both versions due to the shared codebase. Now we can preform adjustments in the codebase. Based on these adjustments the app is constructed for both iOS and Android and presented in the app-stores. This development approach made it possible to implement changes and new functionalities in an efficient way. 

Also, the user interface is shared on the base of Xamarin. Due to this shared codebase we were able to equalize the functionalities for iOS and Android. It is possible to add specific implementations and optimalizations for only Android or iOS. There is still a lot of flexibility!

Shared codebase for iOS and Android

What are the possibilities of the Hay fever app?

You can check the current hay fever expectation in the A. Vogel Hay fever app. Based on your current GPS-location, we will provide you with the current data. Next to that, you can choose from 136 different locations in Holland. In this way you know what to expect; what kind of pollen are surrounding you. For example from a birch, oak, alder, grasses and nettle. With the road view in this app you can check the hay fever expectation for the complete country. 

You can save your frequent visited locations. In this way you have a quick summary of the predictions in the most relevant places. 

It is also possible to find the nearest A. Vogel store where they sell the hay fever relieve products. 

Hay fever app is now available for free
Want to try this app? You can find it in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The app is free and offers daily hay fever updates. 

What are the possibilities of the Hay fever app?