From a small family business that started in 1983 to a leading player in the timber sector, with 100 permanent employees and many beautiful projects with their name on it. We are talking about Foreco. A company with a qualitative and innovative product, with a tangible end result. From façade cladding to bank protection and timber. That’s why they were in need of a website that showcases these products in an optimal way.


Foreco's wood products literally come to life on the new website. With the help of the beautiful photos, videos and the spatial structure of the website, you immediately have an impression of the innovative and sustainable solutions that Foreco offers. The entire website is divided into blocks, each with its own theme. With every click you enter a new layer on the website with more substantive information. Navigating is easy; on every page there is a clear navigation path on the right to quickly scroll to the desired information.

Strategy & concept
Design & Wireframes
5 sprints
413 cups of coffee
11 grey hairs
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Easy working in Umbraco

With the user-friendly Umbraco media section, the customer is able to manage and adjust all media according to his wishes. Other content is also easy to manage. Full freedom and flexibility in the Umbraco CMS.

Umbraco and a little extra

We have developed a filter logic for the numerous products. Umbraco lends itself perfectly to such adaptations and this logic can be developed quickly and efficiently by our programmers. With the filter logic for the products, you as a visitor will be able to quickly find the desired information. An optimal user experience provides the perfect base for more leads or conversions. In addition, a separate search page has been developed. Are you looking for a wood product from Foreco? Then you will find that right on this page!


Fast loading time

To achieve a faster page loading time, we added Javascript and CSS together to load it asynchronously. This increases the speed of the pages. A fast loading time of the pages is not only user-friendly, it ultimately leads to more conversions.
Of course the website is fully responsive, so that the website can be viewed via any desired device. In order to be of service to German and English customers, the website is multilingual. Umbraco is ideal for setting up a multilingual website.
Fast loading time

Marketing automation

With the website alone it does not stop. Good quality leads (applications) are also of great importance for a company like Foreco. That is why we have implemented Marketing automation of SharpSpring together. The target? Provide you as a visitor with the most relevant information at the right time. Marketing automation makes it possible - in a pleasant way - to offer the right information at the right time. You set these workflows manually and are then fully automatic.

Marketing automation