New Umbraco website Diogenes travel
Diogenes travel is a travel agency specializing in customized group trips. School trips, company trips and choir tours are organized for groups of 20 people or more. Diogenes was ready for a new website. Their customer journey ended at Nedfinity; we were allowed to design and develop their new website.

Create your ideal group trip
The idea behind the new website is that you can get inspiration for your group trip. The many destinations, sights, accommodations and travel stories on the website will help you to plan your ideal trip. In order to quickly find what you are looking for, we designed the website so that it is spacious and well organized.

The search function within the website also helps you to find your desired destinations very quickly. The travel offer can be filtered by type of trip, country, city and type of transport.

Do you have an idea what you want? Then you will easily get in touch with the travel professionals from Diogenes on the website. Based on your wishes, a journey and a tailor-made offer will be compiled.

Design & Wireframes
3 sprints
357 cups of coffee
32 new holiday destinations
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Website layout en menu

The website menu has opted for a clear layout based on the type of trips that Diogenes offers. These include school trips, company trips and choir tours, with the subdivisions as the countries to which group travel is offered.

In addition to a logical structure for the user of the website, this also provides a logical URL structure for search engines and helps with the findability of pages.
Website layout en menu

Content and search engine findability

Blog functionality has been built into the website. Generating relevant content about travel such as travel tips, ideas and inspiration helps to improve findability in search engines on relevant keywords that have to do with customized group travel.

SEO values ​​and URL rewrite tool
Within the content management system Umbraco, every page SEO values ​​such as meta data, headers, menu listing and URL composition can easily be set by the end user. Nedfinity also configures Umbraco installations to offer these options.

The Umbraco installation of Diogenes travel also contains a URL rewrite tool that helps prevent 404 notifications on expired URLs. When a page no longer exists, but is still called up on the basis of an entry in a search engine, it is redirected to another page with the URL rewrite tool. This prevents you from reporting that the page no longer exists for visitors and search engines.

Content and search engine findability