Wagenplan RidersApp for iOS and Android

For WagenPlan we have re-developed the 'Berijders App'. And how! With a shared code base, we have set it up optimally and efficiently for now and the future. WagenPlan customers use the 'Berijders App' to quickly and easily arrange matters concerning their lease car.

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Shared app codebase

Building, maintaining and expanding the app has been simplified by placing the iOS and Android versions in a shared code base. For this purpose Xamarin Forms is used with which, from a shared code, native apps for iOS and Android can be built.

A native app is an app that is tuned to the operation of the device on which it is being used. In addition, functionalities of the device (eg camera, microphone and GPS) can be called. A native app therefore offers an optimal user experience.

Despite the shared codebase, it is still possible to implement platform specific implementations and optimizations per ecosystem. In short; an efficient solution and a solid basis for further development of the BerijdersApp.

Shared app codebase

App content management via Umbraco CMS

In order to be able to change content quickly and independently in the app, we have set up an Umbraco installation which is linked to the RidersApp. The content of the app can itself be managed by WagenPlan in the user-friendly content management system Umbraco.

Functionalities of the app
No login is required for the new app. This makes it even easier to use the app. As a lease driver, you can quickly find the fuel prices of petrol stations in the area and garages for maintenance. In addition, you quickly know who to contact in case of breakdown or damage and you can request a tire change via the app. Everything you need as a WagenPlan lease driver for your mobility can be found in this app.

App content management via Umbraco CMS