Startegy and concept

No shop without strategy. We make a plan together. You specify your wishes and Nedfinity advises. This is how we come to a thoughtful strategy that forms the basis of your smart webshop. Then we make the functions of the webshop clear. How do we ensure cross selling? What are the payment options? In the functional design of the webshop we show you how the webshop is constructed and what this means for your future clients.

Magento and Prestashop

We build webshops in the open source systems Magento and Prestashop. These are the most popular and fastest growing e-Commerce platforms in the world. With all the advantages. Magento and prestashop are both visitors and administrators organized and user friendly. And we love it at Nedfinity. As a retailer, you can easily add or modify products, track orders and efficiently perform administrative tasks.

Text and photo's

Not only a beautiful web design ensures a smart webshop shop. How do you mobilize your visitors? With effective content you achieve what you want. You can fill in your own webshop, but you can also leave it to us. The photos from our photographers, make sure your products display, and the writing of our copywriters, entice your potential customer.

Search engine optimization

Suppose you sell gifts. Then you want that the products of course score as high as possible to people googling for a product that you sell. We help you optimize your shop. From keyword research to the technical realization, we take care of the entire process. In doing so, we focus on both the technology and the content so that your shop is better indexed by the search engines.