Website Volvo Nieuwenhuijse

What do visitors of a car dealer website expect to see? Cars, right? Well, cars are hard to miss out on when you take a look at the new website of Volvo dealer Niewenhuijse. We have made use of a full screen banner with a photo that covers the complete page. Welcome!


Design & Wireframes
Marketing Automation
3 sprints
662 cups of coffee
4 test drives completed
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A lot of cars

The website shows the actual range of new and used cars. The cars are presented in a clear way and all the cars' specifics are shown. A special interface was created for this module that automatically imports the cars into the website from an external car management system. Visitors can also schedule an appointment or request a test drive.

A lot of cars

Scheduling an appointment

When a car needs maintenance, customers can now easily make an appointment online. They choose a location, select the desired date, give an estimate of the work that needs to be done and enter their contact info. The data gets sent to Neiuwenhuijse and the customer receives a confirmation as soon as possible. Easy does it!

Scheduling an appointment
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