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Which stations are in your area? Which include a car wash? And where are you able to rent a Boedelbak? You can find it all on the new website of N. van Staveren BV! We have built our website so that it is very user friendly and we have provided it with convenient search and filter functions too. All for an optimal user experience. 

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Tank locations and filtering

N. van Staveren B.V. operates service stations through Tanks S, Shell and Esso brands. A requirement for the website was that visitors could easily and quickly find a gas station nearby. And we realized that. We have added a 'Google Maps' map with all locations so visitors can quickly find what they are looking for. In addition, we have built in various search filters, making it possible to search for the type of gas station, the fuel, and facilities such as a shop, renting a 'boedelbak' or a car wash.

Tank locations and filtering