Suez afvalwaterverwerking

What happens to industrial waste water? Exactly, that should be neatly processed. Suez Treatment Solutions does that with Ecoflow. The biological sewage treatment plant in Son en Breugel. Waste water is processed there from all over the Netherlands.

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51 liters biologically purified tea
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Suez Treatment Solutions

With the new Suez Treatment Solutions website visitors can easily offer their waste water. Suez Treatment Solutions is part of the internationally operating Suez group. We have taken care of the design and the technical realization of the website.

Eural code checker
The Eural code checker has been given a prominent place on the website. Wastewater flows have a number, the Eural code. Partly on the basis of this code, it is determined whether the waste water can be processed. Visitors can enter the Eural code and see immediately whether their wastewater flow is eligible for processing.

Suez Treatment Solutions

Quotation form

And the next step? Request a quote. Besides the contact details in the quotation form, an Eural code, a description of the waste flow and the tonnages can be entered. On this basis, Suez can set up an appropriate proposal for processing. 


Search engine optimization (SEO)
The open-source CMS Umbraco was used for this website. With a self-developed template it is optimally available for search engines. In addition, the content SEO is optimized. This means that the texts, headlines and descriptions match the search behavior of the target group, are optimized for search engines and meet the search criteria. Which benefits the ranking and findability of the website and leads to as many relevant visitors as possible.
Quotation form