Quality Lodgings

QL Website

Quality Lodgings have made ​​a redesign for the outdated website. The entire back office of the old site is replaced.

Currently the website of QL Hotels is running on the new CMS system of Nedfinity. The website of QL Hotels is now even more optimized for Google.

We also have a link to a webservice of Inter Solve and webshop for hotels in Ql and we also made ​​a payment link with Buckaroo.


  • CMS implementatie: Nedcon manager
  • Maatwerk / Webdevelopment
  • Webshop implementatie
  • Google analytics
  • Nieuwsbrief software
  • Social media strategie
  • Geoptimaliseerd voor mobiel
  • Strategie
  • Nieuwsbrief ontwerp
  • Concept
  • Webdesign
  • Redesign
  • Usability
  • Koppeling webservice
  • Koppeling Payment Provider
  • Soap koppeling
  • E-mail marketing